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Top Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of 2022.
For this article, بائننس تصدیق exchanges that we at Team Boxmining use frequently are listed in Tier 1 , exchanges we occasionally use are listed in Tier 2 , down to those which we seldom or do not use at all are listed in Tier 3 . However, this is only based on our personal preference. Potential users should also always check if the exchange is supported in their country and if there are any geographical restrictions.
Check out our latest video where we talk about our picks for the best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2022:
Table of Contents.
Tier 1 Exchanges (Active Trading)
FTX Exchange.
This Exchange was only launched in 2019- so yet another relative newcomer. They are a leveraged cryptocurrency trading platform offering derivatives trading. They are built by Alameda Research, themselves being professional traders responsible for over 30% of the market trading volume on major exchanges. FTX Exchange also offers unique products such as trading on indices, so traders can have exposures to several tokens in one contract.
FTX Exchange is what it says it is- built by traders, for traders. They already have very competitive trading fees and even provide discounts for specific users, and a simple to understand iyo binance app yekushandisa matiri interface. However there are some geographical restrictions for people and преглед бинанце стакинга entities from some countries, most notably the US.
With lots of features such as (depending on the country) leveraged trading, prediction markets, and more, FTX is one of our most frequently used exchanges, especially as we can enjoy fee discounts simply by holding $100 worth of FTT and 0 maker fees by staking 25 FTT.
Check out FTX Exchange Guide for a full review and tutorial on how to use FTX Exchange.
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Binance was founded in 2017 and currently serves over 13.5 million active users across the globe. Unlike Coinbase and Kraken, Binance supports a wide range of altcoins (i.e. cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin). This attracts more people to transferring their Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin from other exchanges to Binance to explore the altcoin world.
It is suited for entry-level crypto traders due to its limited array of tradable cryptocurrencies. Binance supports trading of over 400 different types of cryptocurrencies with more being added almost every week. In fact, Binance has become so popular as a cryptocurrency exchange that the mere news of new coins being listed can cause the tokens’ prices to skyrocket.
The popularity of care folosește binance has made its CEO Zhao Changpeng (CZ) a personality in the cryptocurrency community. His words/actions have now have significant influence.
Cryptocurrencies can be purchased on the Exchange through a variety of ways: PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, and debit card (although they charge a substantial 4.5% fee). It is worth noting, however, that users cannot simply exchange their US dollars for cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the aforementioned purchase methods should be sufficient for binancemarge vergoedingen most cryptocurrency traders.
As for security measures, Binance has an asset fund as insurance in case of misappropriated user funds and also provides two-factor authentication.
Binance also has its own native token- BNB, which ranks 4th in terms of trading volume. The token can be used for various features and discounts on the exchange.
Binance does have a US version of its exchange at Binance.US. Although Binance.US will have fewer cryptocurrencies available for trading and features in order to be compliant with US regulations.
Binance is Team Boxmining’s second most frequently used exchange. It is easy to use, their customer service team is very responsive, and Binance is credited with pioneering many of the special features we come to expect today such as Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs).
Binance also caters to experienced traders with advanced trading options and plenty of analytics. Novice users will inevitably experience a learning curve, but once you find your way around, it becomes almost second nature.
Check out Binance Exchange Review: Best Crypto Exchange? For a detailed look at what Binance has to offer.
KuCoin has unique assets and an extensive list of tradable coins. The Exchange is highly regarded for its large number of different cryptocurrency pairs, د بائننس مارجن بیاکتنه which means users can purchase a wide variety of cryptos.
KuCoin supports over 500 cryptocurrencies which means you can trade lots of small-cap tokens with low trading fees. At team Boxmining, we find that if we want to trade small-cap coins, we need to use MetaMask and then trade on different platforms and DEXs. And if it’s an ERC 20 token you would have to pay ridiculously high gas fees which is not economical. So, if these small-cap tokens are already on KuCoin, then you can save a lot of unnecessary costs.
KuCoin also allows you to use trading bots through their mobile app which automatically buy and sell your cryptocurrencies so you don’t have to follow the market 24/7. However, it’s not always clear how they’re investing your money, so you still need to understand the cryptocurrency trading strategies they use.
On the downside, KuCoin has in the past been plagued by poor Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures. At first, it allowed traders to deposit and withdraw large amounts of Bitcoin i.e. 50 Bitcoin per day without providing personal details. They have since changed their KYC policies and now you can only withdraw up to 2 Bitcoin per day without a "Verified" account i.e. an account that has completed the KYC procedures.
In addition, Kucoin is a crypto-only exchange, which means you will need another exchange for buying cryptocurrencies with fiat currency such as HKD, USD or CAD. That means Kucoin is not the most ideal option for newcomers to cryptocurrency, but if you are an experienced trader then KuCoin is a great way to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio.
SwissBorg was launched in December 2017, as per their name they are based in Switzerland and are fully compliant with Swiss Law, making them hugely popular amongst Europeans. The Exchange is available in over 100 countries (although currently not supported in the US), and it is noted the full range of features offered by SwissBorg may not be available in every country.
SwissBorg supports over 35 cryptocurrencies and 16 fiat currencies. New cryptocurrencies are continuously being added and users can vote for the next one to be listed. Users can directly fund their SwissBorg accounts via bank transfer with 0 charges.
Another popular feature is SwissBorg’s app which allows users to access their crypto wallets and trade on the go.
To keep ahead of the yield farming and decentralized finance (DeFi) craze, SwissBorg offers their Smart Yield account for yield farming, which allows users to get exposure to farming without much prerequisite knowledge. The Smart Yield feature does this by scanning and finding a range of DeFi and CeFi (Centralized Finance).
SwissBorg also has a native token $CHSB- a multi-utility token that entitles holders to lower fees when buying/selling Bitcoin, CHSB and stablecoins on the Exchange. Other benefits include being able to have a 2x yield on your USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP, and CHSB holdings.
Learn more about SwissBorg with our in-depth guide- SwissBorg ($CHSB): What is it?
Coinbase offers a more limited selection of cryptocurrencies but makes up for it with high security and ease of use.
Coinbase was launched in 2012 and currently has over 30 million users spanning 103 countries. While Coinbase may not offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, it is still a top favorite among many investors due to its highly secure and easy-to-use platforms.

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